The Face and the Name: 3 Ways to Personalize Our Business


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Working hard to prepare your business for the big leagues is about how you promote yourself. But when we talk about the act of marketing and promotion, we’ve got to understand how a business can build a bridge toward the customer. When we are discussing the best ways to promote a business, personalizing our efforts can make a massive impact on how a customer perceives us. It’s not just about the different ways to reach customers, but about ensuring that we are delivering something that is relatable. If a customer has empathy with a brand, they are far more inclined to work with that one. So how can we create a more personalized business? 

Have a Face

Many businesses agonize over the name of the company and try to think of something that takes into account their analysis of the demographics and the buyer’s persona. A lot of companies out there realize that they are the face and the name. Professionals like The Patch Boys use their partnership as a way to promote amazing customer service, and when you look at this name, it’s very simple and effective- it says what they do and the people that are in charge. Rather than agonizing over logos and the right color scheme, sometimes you need to just put a name and a face that is incredibly simple, perhaps too simple. 

Developing Brand Affinity

If a customer has a personalized experience with the business, they are more inclined to share this positive feedback with other people. A personalized approach will make for a more friendly relationship. It can sound overly simple, but we have to remember that the most important notion of delivering great customer service is trust. When a customer feels they can put their trust in a business, they are more inclined to shout about our good work to others. Brand affinity is all about helping those customers be more trusting in our ability to deliver. 

Be Useful

Customer expectations are high because people know what they want and when they want it. In order to meet these types of demands, we’ve got to be incredibly personal in every aspect. Throughout our website, our communications, and even our offers, everything needs to be personalized, however, we must recognize that we can’t just be personal, but we’ve got to deliver useful content without being overly invasive. When customers are looking for a personal experience, we’ve got to straddle the balance and make sure that we’re not being overly invasive in how we promote ourselves. Constant social media posting, with listicles and blogs, may seem like a good way to get our name out there, but if a customer feels like they’re being bombarded, they’re actually going to turn away, and this is even before they’ve decided to use your services. Customers that have used your services previously may be more inclined to stick around, however, there is only so much we can all tolerate as human beings. 


Personalizing your business is going to go one step further to build that bridge, so make sure you work within the right parameters and craft that personality.


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