How to Prove You’re Taking Your Business Seriously

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When you start a business, you should be getting support and praise, right? But for whatever reason, if someone has a hobby, and they’re creaitng a business out of said hobby, they’re often met with a lot of skepticism. It’s not right, as starting a business is far from easy, and you deserve to get as much support as possible. But sometimes, in order to prove that this is a serious option, it takes convincing. 


Yes, that’s right! Convincing others that you’re taking your new venture seriously. Whether it’s friends, family, or potential customers, proving that your business is legitimate and professional is crucial. It’s never great having to go through this trouble, but sometimes, it’s just needed. So, with that said, here are some practical ways to show that you mean business.

Start Off with Tangible Proof

It can sometimes be as simple as just a business card, but not just any cheap business cards are going to do either! Instead, you’re going to want to go with something lavish, something out there, something that’s packed with that “oomph” factor, and honestly, letterpress business cards really get that job done. 


Basically, any tangible proof that engages the senses can get the job done, and letterpress business cards are 100% going to go above and beyond in providing that this is a serious operation. Remember, your business card is often the first physical touchpoint someone has with your brand. Make it count.

Make Your Online Presence Look Professional

Listen, a Facebook page, or even an Instagram page, isn’t going to be enough. Honestly, these are two things that anyone can quickly do. So, instead, you’re going to want to take it up a notch and do even more than this. 


But if social media pages aren’t enough, then what do you have to do? Well, you’ll want to just go ahead and start by creating a professional website that showcases your products or services, your story, and how people can get in touch with you. Make sure it’s easy to navigate and visually appealing. Investing in a custom domain name ( rather than a free one ( also makes a big difference in perception.

Don’t stop at a website. Set up social media profiles on platforms where your target audience hangs out. Regularly post updates, share behind-the-scenes looks, and engage with your followers. Professional, high-quality photos and videos can go a long way in showing that you’re serious about your business. Now, this is a giant operation, so you need to try your hardest to make this look as professional as you possibly can!

You Need to Get Yourself Known

So, having a large customer base is the fastest way for people (customers, peers, whoever) to take this operation seriously, and the same goes for a high social media following (as in more than 1000 people). But is that necessarily all? Well, it’s about who knows you and who you know, too. 


So, as you might already know, networking is a powerful way to show that you’re serious about your business. So, you might want to attend industry events, join local business groups, and participate in online forums related to your field. But on top of that, building relationships with other professionals demonstrates that you’re committed to growing your business and learning from others.


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