5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Commercial Furniture

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Need to buy some furniture for your commercial premises? There are a few elements that could be worth considering. Here are five of the biggest factors that you need to consider when choosing the right furniture.


The first thing to consider is ‘who exactly will be using the furniture?’. If you’re kitting out an office, it’s likely that most of the furniture will be used by employees. However, if your office has a lobby for customers, this too will need furniture – and it will need to be a different type of furniture. The following four factors will all depend on who the user is, so evaluate this first.


Furniture can come in all different styles. It can be fun and playful, or it can be formal and elegant. You should think about the impression that you want to make on whoever is using the furniture – whether it’s a customer or employee. Furniture should also match the rest of your workplace’s decor. In some environments, you could even use coloured furniture to create a certain mood or reflect your brand.


Furniture also needs to be the right size. If you’re buying furniture for kids to use in a school, it could be important to buy furniture for their age range – a furniture seller that specialises in educational furniture may be the best place to look. The size of your workplace is also important to consider when choosing furniture. When furnishing a small office used by several employees, you may want to look into more compact furniture. Custom furniture may even be worthwhile in oddly-shaped workplaces – allowing you to mould it around alcoves or pillars 


How much you spend on furniture should depend on a) your budget and b) the quality expectations of the user. For example, when furnishing a restaurant, you may be able to get away with cheap tables and chairs if your restaurant is low-end, but you may want to spend a bit more when creating a fine dining experience. It could be important to compare finance schemes when buying more expensive furniture – many commercial furniture stores will offer finances (particularly when buying furniture in bulk). 


Commercial furniture needs to be comfortable in all cases, but there may be instances when superior comfort may be necessary. Office chairs that are used by employees every day should ideally come with a range of ergonomic features in order to prevent long-term repetitive strain injuries. Superior comfort could also be important when impressing customers that are looking for a more luxury experience (such as when buying beds for a high end hotel). 

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