New co-owner of VL MAGAZINE

Venetia Reddy is the new Co-Owner of VL Magazine

Venetia Reddy, the founder and main director of Reve Today (Pty) Ltd now owns half of VL Magazine alongside Theo Olele. 

The VL magazine has been running for over 8 years and has worked with some of Africa’s biggest celebs, fashion icons, actors and actresses.

Venetia, who has spent a number of years in the digital media industry, running a social media management company that services businesses globally is the perfect fit to spearhead the digital division of the magazine.

What use to be Africa’s leading digital lifestyle and fashion magazine is making the switch and focusing on Entrepreneurship and Business.


The Switch

As the saying goes “Business Rules The World” so, the owners of VL, together with a team of talented creatives are set to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs by showcasing some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and sharing valuable tips and advice on what it takes to start and grow a successful business.

The VL duo has not yet set a date as to when the first issue on business and entrepreneurship will go live, however advertising slots for businesses and entrepreneurs to feature on the new issue is open.

Contact the VL team for more information!



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