Looking to Hire? Here’s How to Improve the Hiring Process

If you want to make sure that you are running your business with efficiency, you have to do all that you can to improve your hiring processes. You need to get the right candidates for the jobs you have available, but if you want to make sure that you offer a smooth and streamlined service then improving your hiring process is where you should begin.


Every step of your hiring process has to be enhanced for the candidate experience where possible. You should also make sure that your parameters for the roles are adhered to and followed, and the new study on fair chance hiring by Checkr should help you here. You need this recruitment process to be pleasant for all, including for your hiring team. So, let’s take a look at how you can improve the hiring process and ensure that candidates and hiring teams alike are happier.


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  • Make your job adverts clear. The responsibilities of the role itself should be outlined clearly and concisely so that anyone applying for the job is very aware of the expectations on them. Be specific about the details and the roles you’re hiring for and don’t fill the adverts with jargon. 
  • Cast a wider net. Your sourcing abilities are important when it comes to hiring the right candidates and you shouldn’t just look at people who are looking for work right now. You want to cast that net for people who are also working. Just because people are in jobs doesn’t mean that they’re not looking around. You can source better on social media, follow conversations and others to pick up the chance to headhunt. You can also attend networking events and hand out cards to people who may be in roles but would be epic to hire!
  • Build your pipeline. Talent pipelines are created by groups of candidates who are available to fill future roles. You need to determine which roles require a talent pipeline and look to past candidates and former employees to help you build it. Reach out and double your engagement efforts, and ensure that people know you’re hiring.
  • Improve your efficiency. Lastly, you can improve your efficiency as a recruiter by building checklists for standardized processes. You could use email templates that are personalized, which will be so important if you want people to sit up and take notice of what you are asking and you need to invest in good recruiting software. Creating software, for example, can save you both time and money when you are interviewing remote candidates. Your applicant tracking system can also help you track where they are in the recruitment process too. This will help you to improve your overall hiring process and make candidates feel valued. 
  • Be ready to return a call or two. One thing that candidates hate is when they are not given an update on their outcomes for a job. Where the candidates have been successful or not doesn’t really matter they just want to be told the outcome make sure that this is something that you have as an alert in your business so that every candidate gets some kind of reply 

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