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VL Magazine is an Entrepreneurial & Business Magazine for young entrepreneurs showing you exactly what it takes to grow and start a successful business.


At VL we understand that our world now thrives on skill, talent and know-how, so our focus is to challenge young minds to aspire to blaze trails in their chosen fields. VL is all about helping today’s entrepreneurs build tomorrow’s leading businesses. 


The whole idea of VL Magazine is to be a platform that connects, interacts, educates and inspire vibrant Entrepreneurs . 


The history of one of VL Magazine was first written in 2013, when VL Magazine Founder Thèo  Olele decided to start the magazine with little or no funding and no ideal understanding of what we could become. The word ‘VL’ means Vergeria Life and the word Vergeria is derived from the world “vergil” which means everything coming together as one, inspired from a roman poet whose latin name was PUBLIUS VERGILIUS MARO, he wrote 3major works the “Eclogues, ten pastoral poems, blending traditional themes of Greek bucolic poetry with contemporary political and literary themes. 


We are a company built around passionate people, filled with a vision to achieve and showcase our Young vibrant entrepreneurs. 


VL is packed and is for the everyday person on the go who wants to learn a thing or two, be inspired, be exposed and network with great professionals! MISSION OUR MISSION is to build a household name entrepreneurial brand that impacts millions of entrepreneurs with our content and bring true entrepreneurial education to the masses to drive humanity forward. 


Our brand “VL” is hoping to show case public icons, entrepreneurs, distinguished young executives in both public and private sectors. We are going to be exposing all kinds of creative talents, giving spotlight to the finest young entrepreneurs all over the world. 


We work with the greatest founders, distilling their lessons into magazines, blogs, podcasts, books, and courses. We’re about actionable advice, not theory. About practitioners, not gurus.

our partners + THE TEAM + SUPPORT 


We have team of passionate people and creatives from photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, creative directors, fashion stylists, writers , editors and everything more to help us reach for the stars! What makes us unique as a brand is the magic that we create together. Our concepts and creativity are extraordinary and we have an army of wonderful people that put in a lot of work to make VL top notch. It’s one of the reasons  our covers stay trending on all the best blogs in Africa. Take a look at some of our previous covers. Visit our magazine and stay tuned… 


We’ll be featuring our additional team members and sponsors in the months to come. 


Thèo Olele, the founder and publisher at VL.





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